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Mixing cock ring pleasure, stimulation for you an your lover,

This really is the wonderfully orgasmic Ball Banger, an excellent crimson coloured cock ring with three pendulous balls, plus an orgasmic vibrating micro bullet! This sensational super-elastic cock ring sits at the end of the engorged cock and puts the squeeze on performance let-downs, maintaining a dependable erection assisting to manage your ejaculation.

However, this orgasmic question isn't just for that guy, because he spreads throughout her vagina the primary one touch vibrating micro bullet will tease and stimulate her clitorisoris making super sensational pleasure that will have her writhing.

Additionally can be as you thrust much  deeper, the three pendulous balls swing and slap against both of you, adding extra sensation that will have both of you moaning and groaning with sexual delight!

“Is sex dirty? Only when it's being done right.” 
― Woody Allen

The fabulous Ball Banger for maintaining solid hard-ons, stretching ejaculation, and stimulation for beyond belief!

Do you have the 'balls?'

EAN 5060365090479
POWER (Batteries Included)
BRAND PipeDream

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