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Love Jelly is used as a sensuous foreplay bath product, infusused with vanilla oil essence. It is a 2 stage product, step 1 run the bath taps slowly and sprinkle the pack of powder marked step 1 onto the running water, The water will start to turn to jelly in seconds. Move the Gel around the bath with your hands. Fill the bath to your required level and consistency of gel. Now get in and have some fun, why not ask someone to join you Step 2, when the fun is over and while you are still in the bath sprinkle in the powder marked step 2 over the gel and mix with your hands. The gel will start to turn back to water after a few minutes but turn the taps back on to help water down the gel even more. Now pull the plug and shower off any residue from your body. Its Amazing The pack comes with 1 step one sachets and 1 step 2 sachets you can use it all at all in one go as a single use product or save half of each of the step sachets and use for another time. the choice is yours.
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BRAND Various Toy Brands

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